Shaking up the old school lemonade stand.

Lemon Our new RootDown LA Youth Coordinator, Roxana Reyes, interns, Cesar Guerra and Alejandro Pais and Manual Arts students, Yesica Perez and Jessica Solano held their first healthy food focused activity recently - a WATERMELON lemonade! sale to raise funds to send students to the Bioneers Conference in October. Manual Arts High School Senior, Cesar Guerra reports... Well it was pretty fun to have the lemonade sale on Friday. We really got to use our “cooking” skills and people talking skills. We were making a natural lemonade [instead of the powder and artificially flavored kind] that was not only healthy for you but it was very good. We made it out of lemons, chunks of watermelon which was very sweet, mint, and instead of sugar we used agave sweetener.*  Everybody had a job to do so Alejandro was cutting the watermelon while two other girls cut the lemons. As for me I was stirring and mixing the ingredients.  We had a great time making jokes and laughing and the scary part for me was talking to the teachers but when I saw Alejandro doing it then I got courage, opened my mouth and thank god words came out. The lemonade was $1 dollar but some people were generous and gave us like $5 or $20 dollar bills we made about $50 bucks that day. But yeah I liked the experience and I would like to do it again.

* For those of you who don't know Agave sweetener, our new Youth Coordinator, Roxana Reyes explains it's from the Agave plant and it reminds her of a treat she used to have with her father, "When they cut Agave down, they cut it up and cook it in a fire. It's called Penka. My dad used to take me to a little mercado in Boyle Heights to buy it. And we'd just chew on it..." Roxana confirmed, the lemonade sale was a icy refreshing treat for the hard working teachers at Manual Arts!