Youth Leaders create a Holiday Feast

This week we celebrated the end of our first formal RootDown LA Youth Leader training with the passing out of our new RootDown LA tee-shirts, "You're Gonna Wanna Eat Your Veggies."  We also had a pot-luck feast of food made by students, parents and even grandparents!  One student's grandparents brought us a gorgeous Bionico de Fresa! It was a lot of trial the past two months, only a little error, as we all got more familiar with our food systems, chef's knives, and cooking techniques for a bunch of veggies many of us previously thought were disgusting.  We asked our students to write, after four 1.5 hour sessions with us, what they had learned.  One student in particular captured so well, what we hoped they might learn:  - that a whole food is healthier than a processed food - that many fruit are losing nutrients because they are injected with different chemicals - these chemicals don't only affect the flavor of the fruit but our organisms - it is valuable to teach others because we get informed of important issues not heard before that are important to us.    Yes!

And, pics sometimes say more than all our words.  So we'll let them speak about our little celebration this week.  Thanks to: Jocelyn for the pasta salad; Guadalupe for the superior yet simple mashed potatoes; Mariela's mom, Narda for the pasta corn celery and carrot salad; Juli for ham sandwiches; Andres' mom, Martha, for her awesome chicken mole; Ana, whose mother, Juana made a giant fruit salad, and everyone else who kept putting out the delicious dishes for our gathering.  Special thanks also to Keya and April who are our strongest proponents for the apple/cheese combo they've fallen in love with this year.  Try it!  They swear by this tasty snack.