Cooking for the Tree (planting) People

(Notice our new RootDown LA shirts looking stylie on Andreas, Ana and Mariella!!)

Three of RootDown LA's Youth Leaders had their first RDLA community work experience recently - cooking a healthy lunch for volunteers at WE CAN's neighborhood tree planting.  On January 9th, WE CAN partnered with Tree People to plant 150 fruit trees in South LA.  RootDown LA was there with fresh seasonal fruit and a white bean pasta salad whose name got too long when we tried to include all the ingredients in it.  Three kinds of kale, three herbs, red onion confit (that's onions cooked in red wine vinegar, butter and sugar), feta and cotija cheeses, balsamic vinegar and sauteed garlic made it into the mix before we were through.

One guest was particularly thrilled we served a dish with no meat.  The white beans gave the protein the volunteers needed to stay powered through the planting day!