Costa Rican Day? at RootDown LA

Leave it to our own Costa Rican born Warren Calvo Leon to declare it COSTA RICAN DAY at RootDown LA's After School Healthy Food Club.  Recipes follow...

Costa Rican Day!
Gallo Pinto:
Make White Rice
Prep the black beans with garlic, onions red peppers and a little butter, simmer
In a pan mix the two together with a little oil and a bit more garlic.
Fry sweet plantains
Put the pork chops on the frying pan.

Butter up the bread and you got a typical Costa Rican lunch without the salad.....

What? No salad?!!!  That's ok.  Our kids are eating enough kale, lettuce, beets, broccoli and sauteed squash on other days.  Plus, pork chops can get a little pricey.  It's ALL about finding the balance...