4 days, 600 sandwiches - the RootDown LA way

What better way to start freshman year at Jefferson High School,  than to NOT have to eat the frozen, hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup filled "Smuckers Uncrustables"  sandwiches LAUSD sends along for the freshman leadership days?  For all the improvements food advocates have been able to make, much of school lunch is still unhealthy and untasty.  RootDown LA switches it up each fall, showing students how easy and affordable healthy sandwiches and seasonal fruit can be to eat for lunch! Cost per mostly organic, locally sourced meal? - less than $2.00


Thanks to our RootDown LA Youth Leaders and Warren, who expertly ran the show this year!  Also, SO MANY THANKS to volunteer, Laura Merrick, who shopped for and helped prepare the sandos when we really needed the help last week!