Healthy food for the Painted Brain

[slideshow] RootDown LA was THRILLED to be asked to join the magazine launch party for another Community Partners' project last week. -  The Painted Brain is a peer-driven media and outreach campaign that works to  eradicate the stigma of mental illness, to foster social development, and to create a community of young adults.

They describe their magazine better than we could:  The magazine itself, and its rascally little cousin the mini brain, are the physical, reproducible  manifestations of the actual project of the painted brain, the outcome of hours and months of group art activities, meetings, red carpet events and spiritual meditations on the issues of the day.  order a subscription here.

RootDown showed up last Saturday night with another RootDown Healthy Food Tasting for a fun evening of live music, spoken word and the release of the latest edition of the Painted Brain.  Thanks to everyone who ate (and waxed poetic about) our homemade hummus and sauteed veggie wraps, homemade salsa, and smoked paprika veggie dip!  One guest commented: "The Veggie Wraps were Tantalizing and Chock full of Sabor!"  We'll get that recipe on our recipe page soon!