Closed on Mondays opens for RootDown LA at Canalé

[slideshow] Endless thanks to the trio of super women who founded Closed on Mondays, a recurring fund raising dinner designed to support local food initiatives.  Last night, Aliza Miner, Marjory Garrison and Savita Ostendorf rounded up an incredible crew of cooks and waitstaff at Canelé restaurant to throw down an amazing dinner to benefit RootDown LA's youth training and intern programs.

RootDown's own board member, Mark Stambler, baked his famous brick oven bread for the evening, while new RD intern, Andres Chopin, hopped in the kitchen before service to help with last minute prep.   RootDown Youth Leaders had gathered in Canalé's kitchen a week before the event to make a super tasty onion jam to go with the loaves that sold out half way through the night.  Another  board member, Corinna Gebert designed super cool recipe cards that fold and stand up so you can read them more easily while cooking.  If you'd like some for our veggie-heavy recipes, send us a note and we'll mail some to you!

Thanks to everyone who showed up to support last night.  Would you believe our kids are BEGGING for more trainings?!  Your donations make their development as cooks, food growers, young entrepreneurialists and food systems leaders possible.