You're Gonna Wanna Eat Your Veggies - at Jefferson High

Once again this week, I was stopped in the Jefferson High School parking lot by another school employee, Elena Barreras, who wanted to let me know how DELICIOUS the latest "nasty veggie" dish from our after school cooking club was.

Elena told us JUST what we love to hear - that RootDown LA took a veggie she usually avoids (cauliflower in this case) and turned it into something she wanted to eat again after having tried it the RootDown LA way.  Our Entrepreneurial Program Manager, Ledette Gambini, went out on a limb to introduce to our team this new recipe, including not just the strange-O veggie, cauliflower, but also a less common grain, quinoa (keen-wah is how we say it).  While it was a bit tricky to convince the kids who DON'T regularly work with RootDown LA to taste these less familiar foods, our own after school club members were brave enough to taste the dish and they LIKED it!