RootDown LA returns to the Painted Brain

\[slideshow] Thanks to the Painted Brain for inviting RootDown back to feed the people at the latest Painted Brain magazine release and art show!  Our veggie-packed beet, sweet potato, spinach, and zucchini quesadillas were a hit!  We were very happy to be setting up our Healthy Food Tasting next to our FAVORITE coffee roaster, Cafecito Organico, who were there to provide the city's BEST coffee for the event.

And, we just have to say we're so honored to know Dave Leon, who founded The Painted Brain with the intent of developing a working magazine and stigma reduction campaign that serves as a creative, supported employment site for young adults recovering from serious mental illness.  As their website states, there is no reason that young adults with mental illness, some of the most creative and talented people in the City of Los Angeles, cannot represent themselves and contribute to our community through the arts.