RootDown at Eat Real

[slideshow] Sweet!  Our friend and super amazing volunteer, Sanjay Gupta, agreed to write a little something on RootDown LA's experience participating in LA's first annual Eat Real festival - where folks gather to taste and make favorite street foods, all with tasty, local, and fresh ingredients .

Sanjay writes:

The first Eat Real LA festival was a great success for RootDown LA!  Our 4 youth leaders/chefs, Andreas, Ana, Mariela and Celia, cooked up delightful $3 quesadilla plates that were a huge hit with the food seeking crowds!  As the only non-foodtruck vendor in the immediate area, RootDown was inundated by patrons who came flocking to the table excited to see their food being cooked right in front of them.  Healthy food, chock full of veggies at an affordable price!

As usual, the typical parent pleading, "You better eat your veggies" scenario was reversed - at RootDown we've got kids getting the adults to eat their veggies!

Those customers who stuck around to learn more about RootDown LA's work in South LA were rewarded a delightful taste of farmer Phil McGrath's organic strawberries, tomatoes and summer squash.  Mmmmm.   Thanks  McGrath Family Farm, for the produce.  And, thanks to Whole Foods, who ponied up and donated tortillas to our veggie eating cause!

RootDown LA - getting kids to get other kids to eat (and now grow) their veggies!