Homemade salsa in just 2.5 minutes.

[slideshow] No joke folks.  Last Friday we were in our Jefferson High garden with students from Ms. Kelley's art class.  We lost a little time getting to the garden.  And, we were a bit distracted with the lunch time music our neighbor school, New Tech, was pumping out just outside the garden gates.

Still, after getting our reluctant kids to eat blanched broccoli, salted tomatoes and caramelized bell peppers, they were DOWN for busting out some salsa, even with just 5 minutes left in the class period.  "Go to it!"  we challenged.  They didn't mess around.  Garlic got minced, cilantro picked, tomatoes diced.  They even took the time to season it all with the right amounts of lime and salt.

Who says healthy food takes too long to cook? In less than 4 minutes, these kids were munching on blue corn chips and their own homemade salsa.  High five young chefs.