Service Learning - the RootDown LA way!

[slideshow] Service learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. (So says the National Service Learning Clearinghouse!)

Kids in LAUSD schools MUST earn service learning credits before they graduate high school.  What better way to earn those credits than to help bring more healthy food into their neighborhoods?

RootDown LA's 6-week Service Learning program focuses first, on getting kids over their own aversion to veggies. Then... we teach kids simple food system, nutrition, and food-focused gardening lessons to help them become advocates for healthy food among their friends, families and neighbors.

We launched our first Service Learning project this month, and are impressed already with how much the kids have learned in just two weeks.  They can speak about the differences between whole and processed foods, they understand the cost and health benefits of buying local food, and they know techniques to make beets, broccoli and zucchini taste better!

After two more weeks training in the Preciado garden at Jefferson High, these kids will get to come out into the community and help with one of our Healthy Food Tastings or give time to our various garden projects at Jefferson, on 40th Place, and at Money Saver's Meats.

Want to bring RootDown LA Service Learning to YOUR school or neighborhood?  Shoot us an email or call [Four One Five - Seven 22 - 22 Four Eight] (Please don't call us, spammers!)