Rising Stars at RootDownLA

It’s a beautiful day when I wake up to an e-mail from the amazing board member, Corinna Gebert, who’s also running The Urban Food and Farming Training with Karen Ramirez - Sundays at our community partners, WeCan.  South LA students and our staff spend four hours of their weekend cultivating skills and friendships that will last a lifetime.  Image

Of course good food was involved!   Here’s a quote from the e-mail –

 “Yesterdays garden day with the volunteers was a success, we made some great progress in Bridgette’s garden, made signs and markers for our residential food garden Program, transplanted plugs and six-packs in the WECAN nursery, showed the visitors from Sonoma State all that RootDownLA is up to, had a fantastic lunch cooked by Andres and Kadeyjah and a great time overall!”

 A little earlier in the week, Andres Chopin planned and executed a BRILLIANT meal for the CD 9 Coalition meeting at Nuevo South tonight. 25 Non-profit Executive Directors were completely impressed with the chicken, meatballs, veggie platter, fruit, cucumbers, hummus and guacamole.Image 1

 The feast had no end.Image 3

THANK YOU!  Andres and Johnny, for pulling this off!

Our kids are making us so very proud!

Posted by Mrs. Cook