Root Down LA is a youth-run non-profit committed to bringing better food and nutrition education to neighborhoods in South L.A.



What makes Root Down LA unique (and successful), is the model we’ve developed for building what we call "Youth-driven Neighborhood Food Systems". As each piece of the model is implemented across a neighborhood, it creates new ways in which residents can get involved. When more people become invested in growing, cooking, and eating healthy food, it helps assure the sustainable impacts of our work for years to come. To see our food system in action, click right!



Many of the nutrients we get from whole foods (like veggies and fruits!) have gone missing in the Standard American Diet. Foods that used to come straight from a farm to our table are now being processed, and many of their valuable nutrients are replaced with chemicals, additives, and colors to enhance their flavor, extend their shelf-life, and make them look pretty.

Over sixty percent of Americans are dying from diet related illnesses. This means the foods we are eating (or AREN’T eating in many cases) are making us sick. We’re getting plenty of calories (or macronutrients) but we’re not getting all our little nutrients, (or micronutrients) that you would normally find in food. These little nutrients build strong bodies and minds, and protect us from illnesses. 


It’s not always easy to convince people that fresh, whole foods can be easily and affordably incorporated into our busy  lives. But, we aim to do just that. One piece of blanched broccoli, one purple (yes purple!) carrot at a time, we’re reminding kids (and adults) where food comes from, and we’re teaching them how to make it taste great.



We are grateful for all who understand just how important our our work is, and how successful our youth have been over the past 8 years (wow 8 years!), building demand for, and creating supplies of healthy food in their South Los Angeles neighborhoods. With donor funds, we have been able to strategically expand our model to reach over 2,000 people annually, increase our supply of produce by 96%, and recruit, employ, and empower an entire group of youth to run the show themselves. Here a few of biggest fans:

  • Roth Family Foundation
  • The Annenberg Foundation/Metabolic Studios
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Chauncey & Marion D McCormick Foundation
  • Nichols Family Foundation
  • Liberty Hill Foundation
  • Jewish Federation of Greater LA
  • Herb Alpert Foundation

AND a lot of individual donors and volunteers!



Recipes and cooking techniques that'll change the way you feel about eating veggies. If you already love veggies, learn some quick tips to make them even MORE delicious.