Creating Supply

Next, we focus on supply to support the demand through gardens, education, and meaningful distribution.  



We plant our gardens where they mean the most. Our central educational gardens are located near schools and within neighbor-hoods, so that they're accessible to school kids and families. Our private gardens go to interested neighbors who get to keep some of them for themselves, while the rest is distributed to the community through our programs, products, events and farmers market locations.



RootDown offers many ways to get your hands dirty: Community days at our Urban Farm, ongoing Volunteer opportunities, and an intensive 13 week entrepreneurial horticulture program for High school Youth. Graduates of this program learn to design, install, and maintain urban gardens and micro-farms, to promote and distribute produce from these gardens, and to create value-added products with surplus produce — like our famous hot sauce!



We distribute our local food supply through diverse and meaningful interactions with our community:

  • At neighborhood pop-up farm stands and Farmer's Markets
  • Through RDLA cooking classes & healthy food tastings
  • At community events, whether hosted by RDLA or our many partners
  • In exchange with neighbors who bring us their food scraps for our compost