We called it FARMPod, Not GARDENPod and so...

We've been working for years to address the challenges of growing in small, non-adjacent #SouthLA gardens. This year, we took a hard look at the fact that we've been GARDENING, not farming, and now that's about to change. This week, we started tearing out the garden beds adjacent to our new FarmPOD - a central place for us to propagate plants and prep produce for distribution back through our cooking classes, Cruzita's Deli and Cafe, and our pop-up farm stand sales.  We've brought on a new member, Joseph Wolf, to our Food Production Team. He's an experienced farmer and rancher and is enrolled in Cal Poly's Plant Science's Dept., with which RootDown has a working partnership in our efforts to train youth in urban agriculture.  Keep your eyes peeled as our first FARM emerges in the coming month!

The FarmPod is Coming!

Thanks to the GO Campaign and a small crew of private funders who wanted to see RootDown LA's FarmPOD get built, we are moving ahead with construction of this community workstation.  Envisioned by our RootDown staff and interns, and designed by our very own board member/ace architect, Corinna Gebert, FarmPOD will us to more efficiently bring in, prep and redistribute produce from our networks of small gardens in our Youth-driven Neighborhood Food System sites.  Even better, it will serve as a resource center for our community, providing seeds, tools, horticultural information, and provide a place for neighbors to connect, chat and swap gardening and veggie cooking techniques!



RootDown gets kids inventing their own veggie recipes!

THIS is what it's all about!  A student in our current 4-week cooking/nutrition class posted this on our Facebook wall: Hi everyone my name is Melisa Cabrera and I am currently part of the 4 week cooking with Root Down L.A. This is one of the recipes I created after the first class. I decided to make a kale salad with chopped tomatoes and avocado. I also used tofu and in the side potatoes. This course is helping me find new ways to make veggies taste good and create meatless meals which is great since I'm Vegetarian :) I can't wait to try new food.