RootDown's Youth Training program hits the road!

Who better to get kids to eat their veggies than other kids?  It was AWEsome this spring, to take our Jefferson High School Youth Leaders on the road to run RootDown LA's Youth Leader Training program for OTHER kids in the South LA community.

Both USC's MYLA Obesity Prevention Program and HEAC (Healthy Eating Active Communities) at The Accelerated School hired RootDown to train kids in their food systems/nutrition education programs to cook healthy food and build preferences and demand for fresh foods in their communities.  THEN! - the MYLA students took their new skills to teach their peers back at the College Ready Academy.  And, TAS students will use their cooking & veggie-pushing skills to run healthy food tastings where they have completed their corner store conversions, bringing more fresh foods into corner markets near the school.

Know anyone who could/should eat more veggies?!  Call us and we'll come teach you how to make all those nasty veggies taste better!