Cleanin' up the yard - HUGE thanks to the CRCD!

[slideshow] We can't express enough gratitude to the Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) crew who came out to the Ralph Bunche House yesterday to clean up the yard!  Since RootDown LA did a "soft" take-over of the house last spring, we've only had so much time and so many resources to get the place sorted out after it had sat empty for more than a year.

The back yard in particular, had become grown over and dumped on - ginormous avacados fallen to the ground, thousands of leaves stacked so thick we didn't know what was beneath, and sadly, some beer cans and remnants of late night visitors who'd been taking advantage of the house's empty state.  The recycling bin, even, had become home to a hen and her eggs.

Our CDPH Network for a Healthy California grant is allowing us to expand our programming at Jefferson High further into the surrounding community via the Ralph Bunche House.  While the house will go under more significant renovation sometime in the next year, for now we just want to keep it tidy and presentable for all who come to cook, grow and eat healthy food with us.

Which reminds us - DO come join RootDown LA for Food Day on October 24th!  HOUSE PARTY!